Yarn sourcing simplified: Now browse through all our products in seconds

Yarn sourcing simplified:
Now browse through all
our products in seconds

Dyed Yarns


Our dyed and fancy yarn creation unit is where the spark of creativity is fanned. We produce a diverse range of products that are used across global markets and determine fashion trends for the future.

We offer the most optimum efficiency and excellence when it comes to creating exquisite designer dyed yarns like Slub, Neppy, Siro, Siro Slub, CSY, Grindle and many more.

Greige Yarns


Simplicity sprinkled with functionality and innovation is often at the foundation of great beginnings. This belief informs our philosophy behind Greige yarns at RSWM Limited.

This school of thought has led to the creation of ULTIMA® Greige as well as other yarns in functional, sustainable and fancy variants with a wide range of counts of single, double, and multi-fold. These yarns are suitable for weaving, knitting, sewing and industrial applications.

Melange Yarns


Blending a spectrum of colours and a plethora of different fibres, we breathe a beautiful range of dyed and non-dyed yarns into existence. Our colour pallette is ever-expanding and strives to capture attention with its vibrant visuals and diverse shades.

Melange yarns boast of sustainable and functional offerings that are widely used for undergarments, shirts, business suits, socks, sportswear, bed linen, towels and other home fabric products.