Greige Yarn

Yarns that are suitable for weaving, knitting, sewing and industrial application.

Simplicity sprinkled with expertise and efficiency is often at the foundation of great beginnings. This belief informs our philosophy behind Greige yarns at RSWM Limited.

This school of thought has led to the creation of ULTIMA® Greige yarns. Available in a wide range of counts of single, double, and multi-fold, these yarns are suitable for weaving, knitting, sewing and industrial applications.

These yarns are produced at a couple of our factories near Udaipur. Such state-of-the-art machinery is equipped from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Korea and the United Kingdom. Combined together, we have a total of 148,000 spindles that produce 18,000 metric tons of yarn every year.

The company’s unit at Kharigram, one of India’s most sophisticated plants, has 51,840 spindles out of a total of 1,67,792 spindles at this location. The yarn from this factory is sold under the brand name ULTIMA® and is the finest polyester-viscose greige yarn in the Indian market.

Our manufacturing unit

  • Trutzschler &
    LMW Blow Room

  • LMW RSB 851-Draw Frame

  • LMW LR-9 AXL - Ring Frame

  • Peass - Cheese Winding

  • LMW LC333- Carding

  • Fully Automatic
    LMW LF 4200 AX - Speed frame

  • Muratac 21C - Link Coner

  • Neuenhauser - Fully Automatic
    Package Unloading and
    Packing System

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