Have you ever wanted to scale a mountain? There's something about the highlands that resembles a call to nature. An escape to the highlands demands a departure from the fast paced words and an acceptance of the slow life, where mysteries are unravelled and you are draped in the shadow of the mountains.

The Highland Escape

The Midnight Escape

The night belongs to the brave and bold. This is a story of those who venture out for adventure, for those who are fearless in the dark. For only in the dark does an individual discover his own identity, his own light. It's the era of embracing the dark and dancing to the dramatic tune of destiny.

They say opposites attract, but do you know what happens when polar opposites attract? Breathe in the cold breeze of excitement as the essence of Arctic meets the thrill of the Antarctic. Where they see a shivering soul, we see an adrenaline rush. Where the world sees an edge, we see an opportunity, a new experience. Listen to your instincts and let the infinite white envelope your senses.

The Polar Escape

The Dune Escape

They rise and fall, as our lives do. Dune and human beings aren't all the different. And when you ride through these dipping sands, you're one with the soul of the Earth. Peppered with Earth that's travelled a million miles, having touched a million faces, you become one with organism that lives on the planet. Breathe in these winds of sand, for they bring the change you deserve.

There is a form of escape that starts within, and ends within. It is simple enough, yet difficult. It's designed minimally, yet it's hard to achieve. It is an escape from shackles of our own making. It happens when we meditate deeply upon our existence, listen inward to find pure serenity. This escape forges a bond strong as blood with one's soul, resulting in a tranquility that's incomparable.

The Serene Escape

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