Sustainable Water Managment

We offer fabrics dyed with advanced techniques that use less water and chemicals. To round out our efforts, we treat all our post-process water in our own effluent treatment plant and further purify it via reverse osmosis before returning it to the environment cleaner than before.

1350 Kilo Litres

water saved per day

Producing 50 Tonnes

of recycled polyester fibre each day

Recycling for the planet

Fibre Green is made by processing waste material into fibre. In this process, the loss of useful resources is minimised. Disposed PET bottles are converted into flakes which are finally turned into fibre in different denier and cut for spinning into yarn

These fibres help in reducing dependence on fossil fuels and natural resources by using waste PET bottles which would otherwise have been incinerated or dumped into landfills or oceans. In terms of performance, these recycled 100% polyester fibres are just like virgin polyester fibres.

Responsible Production by Recycling

We proudly offer recycled yarns in our fabrics. Our state-of-the-art Garnett machine efficiently breaks down post-consumer waste fabrics and converts them into new usable fibres—we’re weaving new fabric while eliminating excess waste from landfills.

30 tonnes of fabric

recycled per month

Reducing 1,30,000 tonnes of CO2

emissions annually

Clean Energy

We continue to invest in renewable energy sources, sucessfully commissioning two solar and one wind power plant in various parts of Rajasthan.

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