Greige Yarn

yarns which are suitable for weaving, knitting, sewing and industrial applications.

  • Trutzschler &
    LMW Blow Room

  • LMW RSB 851-Draw Frame

  • LMW LR-9 AXL - Ring Frame

  • Peass - Cheese Winding

  • LMW LC333- Carding

  • Fully Automatic
    LMW LF 4200 AX - Speed frame

  • Muratac 21C - Link Coner

  • Neuenhauser - Fully Automatic
    Package Unloading and
    Packing System

The company’s unit at Kharigram, one of India’s most sophisticated plants, has 51,840 spindles out of a total of 1,67,792 spindles at this location. The yarn from this factory is sold under the brand name ULTIMA® and is the finest polyester-viscose greige yarn in the Indian market.

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